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WE LOVE TO HELP. Whether it is within the community we serve beautifying or preserving the outdoors, it is our honor to provide the highest quality of service. We believe it is our responsibility to use our gifts to create aesthetically pleasing landscaping that is sustainable and earth conscientious. Jake Ryan Landscape Group, LLC exists because we enjoy being outside! We take great pride in our hardscaping, landscape and lighting works – operating with honest, ethical and dependable teams within Oakland County,White Lake, Clarkston, Commerce and across Southeast Michigan.

*Licensed and Insured

About Jake Ryan Landscaping


Paul Pochmara is skilled, accomplished and motivated. He is responsive to his landscape customers and that’s why they become return customers. He is a professional in the outdoor trade industry with over 28 years of landscaping knowledge. His clients love to work with him, his crews respect him as a leader because of his honest trustworthy reputation.

April Pochmara handles the business and marketing side of Jake Ryan Landscape Group. She has always loved being involved in the trades. Growing up, her mother and uncle ran a successful construction company, so she is no stranger to the contracting industry. She enjoys the customer interaction and sharing in the pride of her crew’s finished work.

Jake Ryan is based in White Lake Michigan and serves the Lakes Area of Oakland County and beyond. Jake Ryan Landscaping is more than a landscape business, it’s a family. 

About Landscaping


The definition of landscaping is making improvements to a property.  In a sense, everything on your property which stands outside of the home itself is part of a property’s landscaping. The related word is landscape. Such as when you landscape your yard, you are engaging in landscaping.


One way to look at it is if you look out your window and see a fixed feature in your yard affecting the overall look and feel or even the practical functioning of your property, then that feature is part of the “landscaping” of the property.

Landscaping Curb Appeal

Landscaping is an important part of your family’s home curb appeal. Jake Ryan Landscaping are experts in making your home look amazing. Whether you plan to sell your home or be a good neighbor, investing in your home’s curb appeal adds value to your home and neighborhood. 


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