Jake Ryan Landscaping is your Oakland county source for hardscaping services to enhance your home or business landscaping.  Not only does hardscaping enhance your home, building and grounds, it adds benefits you may not have considered. Please call us for an estimate at 248.820.9374.

Hard Scaping

Jake Ryan believes you should begin any landscaping and hardscaping project with a big dream. Yes, you can hold back your over the top ideas later. First, get it all out on paper so you can create some goals for your vision. Develop a list of everything you want in your landscape. This should include your new patio, garden, inground swimming pool, outdoor entertainment, or outdoor playground. 

Where is the best place to spend your money? and where should you look to save? Some things worth spending the money on. This is why it’s important to have the professionals Jake Ryan to help you with your master plan.

We can help you figure out what masonry to give your garden a good foundation, and which quality materials can withstand the Michigan elements. Privacy, and, of course, craftsmanship are also important.

For example, a few ways to save is to use gravel instead of expensive pavers on paths, reuse existing materials (bricks, stone, pickets), buyer smaller plants, and use mix-and-match furniture.

Small details can have a big impact on your landscaping vision.  Be sure the hardscape materials such as stone, pavers, concrete, gravel, wood, paint, hardware—all work together, and also complement your home’s architectural look, feel and style.

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